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Soda Can Holder

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Soda Can HolderSoda Can Holder

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World Turtle Succulent Holder Free Crochet Pattern

This small plant holder perfectly fits a succulent or air plant and adds color to any space, especially when combined with the medium plant holder. This planter is completely hand crocheted and perfect for adding some bright and cheerful color to your home. The World Turtle Succulent Holder Free Crochet Pattern is easy to follow and works up quickly detailed instructions with photo tutorial. It could be a fast weekend project. Thanks Knot Bad Ami for sharing this adorable free crochet pattern.The link for the free pattern is provided below photo. Happy crocheting.World Turtle Succulent Holder Free Crochet Pattern

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World Turtle Succulent Holder

Crochet Pencil Holder Tutorial

This pencil holder is great for pencils and crochet hooks. I used a h hook. To make it smaller use a smaller hook, but try to follow along with this pattern. I love how this cool pencil holder looks with two different colors of yarn. This fun pencil holder would make a great gift for teachers and for your own office. I use mine everyday! If you need more assistance please watch the video uploaded below.Crochet Pencil Holder Tutorial

Diy Crochet Pen Pencil Holder

Here is a quick DIY Back to School Crochet project. Crochet this easy and resourceful Crochet Holder to put in your Pen Pencils and stationery or you can use them to organize your favorite crochet Hooks. This holder is made with Waistcoat Stitches which gives it the pretty knitted look. Crochet Organizers have always been one of my favorite crochet projects to make. They are best to sort out your things at your home. They also make one of the best stash bursting project to use up your scrap yarns. This is a simple pattern which can be easily adjusted to different sizes according to your need. Use your favorite color preference to make them more peppy and cheerful. Materials Used:- Bulky Yarn - 12 Ply 6mm Crochet Hook Size:- 3.5/4.5 inches - can be customized to any sizeDiy Crochet Pen Pencil Holder

Highbury Crochet Pen Holder

Add a touch of crochet to your desk OR to your favorite teacher's desk. This easy little crochet basket works wonderfully as a pen holder. It's designed to fit around an aluminum can to give it extra structure and works sitting on a flat surface or can be hung. You can make this small pen holder and the matching, larger, Hartfield Crochet Hanging Basket as an adorable set. The basket uses two strands of cotton yarn held together and a easy modification of a standard half double crochet.Highbury Crochet Pen Holder

Turkey Belly Pot Holder

The Turkey Belly Pot Holder is a fun addition to your Thanksgiving kitchen decor. They are super easy to make and only take a short amount of time. They would make perfect Thanksgiving gifts for friends, co-workers, or even neighbors because they have a handy pocket on the front for adding cookie mix! The Turkey Belly Pot Holder would be fun for baking cookies or pies with the kids or grandkids and especially for Thanksgiving dinners! There is also Christmas versions available!

Turkey Belly Pot Holder