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Sea Turtle

Next, fantastic sea turtles definitely need a playful playmate. So, here is a turtle poking his head out from underneath the water looking to play with you.

Sea Turtle

Crochet Sea Otter Pattern

Crochet Sea Otter PatternHave you ever seen pictures of a mother sea otter embracing her fuzzy little otter pup as they float along? It’s one of the sweetest displays of parent-baby affection in the animal kingdom.

And to add to that, otters often hold their paws together while they nap to prevent them from drifting apart from each other, making them perhaps the most painfully adorable creatures around.

With this easy and very detailed pattern, you can make an utterly adorably mother with pup sea otter.

Crochet Sea Creatures Pattern

Crochet Sea Creatures PatternIn just a few hours, you can make your own adorable set of six mini sea creatures! This pattern includes the following sea creatures: sea horse, jellyfish, beluga whale, starfish, and stingray. This adorable set is an excellent project for a newborn and an ideal baby gift.

Crochet Sea Life Book Pattern

Crochet Sea Life Book PatternThis book has eight unique pages that present sea life and provide activities for toddlers. It’s an incredible, educational, and very special gift you can make for your sea-loving child.

Sea Turtle Amigurumi

Meet Honu the Sea Turtle! Measuring about 6.5 inches long from head to tail, this cute little turtle is a great size for cuddling and playing with, but is not too big to sit on a shelf as a decoration as well. There are also so many possibilities with shell colors that you could make a whole family of turtles, each one looking unique! This sea turtle is worked up in pieces and then sewn together at the end. This pattern is beginner friendly with detailed, step-by-step photos to help you along the way, but it also fun for more experienced crocheters as well. Check out this pattern and the rest of my ocean theme amigurumi on my blog!

Sea Turtle Amigurumi

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