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Ivy Cord for Your Phone Free Crochet Pattern

On the other hand, clever ideas for the iphone aren’t limited to cases. You have doubtless had a problem with finding your ipad or phone cord at home when someone else “borrowed” it? Accordingly, here is a solution: a crochet-decorated cable cord giving your cable a personal and artsy look. In contrast to other “tags” which fall off quickly, this phone accessory stays in place and will be a joy to look for a long time.Ivy Cord for Your Phone Free Crochet Pattern

Ivy Cord

Airpod Cases Free Crochet Pattern

These airpod cases are a wonderful clever idea for your iphone. Although they are so very different from one another, the duck, mallard, penguin, bear and rabbit patterns are all based off the same basic design, so a bit of creativity will result in any animal you wish.Airpod Cases Free Crochet Pattern

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Airpod Cases

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Fall Leaves

Finally, great fall-themed projects should also include leaves in various colors. You undoubtedly take every opportunity to enjoy the fall landscape. Ahead of next time, crochet some fall-inspired leaves. These tiny wonders are going to be perfect for so many projects!

Fall Leaves

Ivy crochet pattern

Ivy crochet patternIvy crochet pattern

Easy Fall Crochet Leaves

  • Designed by: goldenlucycrafts

These tiny crochet leaves in the pictures below are going to rock your fall home decor! Just take a look at them, aren’t they super sweet? You can easily make a garland with these to decorate your party, or just decorate your windowsills with them!

Easy Fall Crochet LeavesPhotos by goldenlucycrafts /

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Small Carrots Free Crochet Pattern

Look at these cute little crochet carrots. They would make cute Easter accessories, earrings, gift bag tags, or simply decor. These are so small that they make for terrific stash busting.Small Carrots Free Crochet Pattern

Small Carrots from Moss Mountain

Never Ending Crochet Flower Applique Free Pattern

Flower lovers everywhere will be drooling over this Crochet Flower Applique. The free crochet pattern was created to build a flower applique that stays flat instead of growing taller while adding the petals. This makes the crochet pattern perfect for adding flowers to afghans and throw pillows! The applique will brighten up any room as you can mix up the colors for lighter flowers in the spring and darker colored flowers in the fall.

Never Ending Crochet Flower Applique Free Pattern

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