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Ring Around the Rosie Vest Free Crochet Patterns

Lastly, this crocheted girl’s cardigan is a vest, a poncho and everything else in between. Moreover, it's simple, circular shape will be a cinch to work up.Ring Around the Rosie Vest Free Crochet Patterns

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Ring Around the Rosie Vest

Ring around the rosie vest crochet pattern

Ring around the rosie vest crochet patternRing around the rosie vest crochet pattern

Lucky Penny Poncho (child)

Lucky Penny Poncho (child)The Lucky Penny Crochet Poncho Pattern in Child sizes is here!!! I seriously love ponchos, don't you? They are perfect year round. Not sure what I mean? When Spring is here and it's too cold for a t-shirt, but too warm for a coat, a poncho has you covered! When you just need something over your shoulders to beat the chill from the a/c, what about a poncho? And let's not forget about a poncho, perfect for the transition back to colder temps. This of course leads me to the Lucky Penny Poncho. The perfect cold weather friend. The squishy yarn, dense fabric, and cushiony cowl make this a go-to design for Winter.

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Baby cardigan

"Ready To Crochet A Cute Baby Girl Cardigan For The Coming Winter? I love cardigans so much. Once the summer is over and the sun stops warming my skin, the first thing I do is... I hasten to put one of my warm and beloved cardigans! Same thing for the little girls. That's why today I'm happy to present this cute crochet baby cardigan pattern... And I suggest you follow this pattern and just create your own for your baby girl. You can make this pink cardigan in an afternoon and your sweetie will look adorable for sure, plus when you add this baby hat to the cardigan, you'll be sure that the cold does not reach her. Lastly, I choose to make it pink, but feel free to use any other yarn color, and let's start now."Baby cardigan

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Baby Girl Meadow Cardigan Dress

The Meadow Cardigan Dress is a lovely addition to any baby girl’s wardrobe. It is perfect for the Spring and Summer seasons. It can be worn as a short-sleeve cardigan sweater with the opening in the front, or the other way with the buttoned opening in the back as a dress. This particular design features a beautiful, lacy pattern with a sweet simple trim border. As a relatively quick/easy pattern to work up, you'll have fun crocheting this special handmade gift for your little one, or as a sentimental and heartfelt newborn baby shower gift for an expecting mom!Baby Girl Meadow Cardigan Dress

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Ragged Falls Poncho

This time of year is tough in Northern Ontario. The mornings are below freezing, but the afternoons warm up nicely, although there is still a definite chill to the wind. Perfect poncho weather! You can slip it easily over your head, they are cinch to layer over clothing, and everyone loves the way they fan out when you twirl. Who can argue with that?! Please note that all my patterns are written in standard American terms.

Ragged Falls Poncho