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The “Pure Shores” Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Lastly, this ocean inspired blanket is a somewhat more abstract creation, with both a gentle texture and a soothing color gradient to feast on.

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 The “Pure Shores” Blanket

Shell Baby Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Lastly, but not leastly, the shell easy-peasy baby blanket is another one that juxtaposes a gentle texture with an appropriate color selection. Moreover, it also sports a crisp, definite edge that clearly defines the shape of the blanket.

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 Shell Baby Blanket

Easy-Peasy Baby Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

To summarise, the name says it all. Indeed, between the gentle texture and the soft but well defined color palette, there’s little you could add to this description. This project is, furthermore, a great example of a pattern where the main stitching also defines its own edge, without the need for a separate border, if that’s your preference.

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 Ballerina Birdy

Field of Flowers Free Crochet Pattern

To start with, this flower motif baby blanket is like a stroll or roll in a flowery field. All in all, its soothing, colorful and very, very cute.

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 Field of Flowers

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Charlotte’s Sunshine Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

The blanket is made in the shape of a large square. Its size is 102cm x 102cm. You can zoom in or out. It all depends on what project you need. The pattern is created quite quickly. Read the tutorial and learn new creation techniques. A blanket is the best decoration that will quickly change the interior design of your interior. Good luck!

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Charlotte’s Sunshine Blanket Free Crochet Pattern is here

Lovely Textured Baby Blankets Free Crochet Pattern

There are some kinds of patterns we simply can’t get enough of, right? These Lovely Textured Crochet Baby Blankets are the perfect example of this phenomenon! Simple baby blankets in pastel shades are always a good idea, without a doubt! You can always get invited to a baby shower, right? The patterns we have found for today are written by real specialists, therefore they are great if you want to get a solid grasp of a new technique.

C2C Silt Blanket Free Crochet Tutorial

Simple and sweet! This blanket will be perfect for strollers, nurseries, and older kids’ bedrooms. If you want to crochet it for children, pastel colors will be a great choice as they are both sense-soothing and vibrating with positive energy. If you need something minimalist for your bedroom, go for classy beige or modern grey instead.

Level: upper beginner Author: Maria’s Blue Crayon

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Bahama Waves Free Crochet Pattern

  • Designed by Lisa Rollins

This great, repetitive blankie is such great project, that you can do without even thinking about it! In other words, it’s perfect to take your mind off things, and the wavy pattern is very eye pleasing and soothing, so great for a baby blankie.

PHOTOS by Lisa Rollins /

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