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Nadine Free Pattern

  • Designed by Polly Plum

This amazing Nadine square is a classic 12” square, that can be used for countless projects. For instance, you can make a coaster, a pillow case, or of course a lovely throw of it. What's more, it works up fast and looks incredible!

Nadine Free Pattern

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Find original free pattern on, or read more about it on Ravelry. This particular version is on Ravelry.

Maybellene Square Free Pattern

  • Designed by everytrickonthehook

What a lovely floral design! Named after Chuck Berry song, Maybellene Square is a real pleasure to the eye. It features some sructural elements and beautiful petal-like motif with a lovely simple border. Take a look at instructions and give it a go!

Maybellene Square Free Pattern

Photo is byeverytrickonthehook /

Find original pattern on, or read more about it on Ravelry.

Maybellene Square Crochet Free Pattern

What a lovely floral design. This intricate, and yet relatively simple square will surely be a great addition to your throw or blanket projects, or as a standalone trivet or doily. The Maybellene Square Free Crochet Pattern is gorgeous in both texture and style. It features some structural elements and beautiful petal-like motif with a lovely simple border. You can modify its colors to suit your projects. Thanks Every Trick on the Hook for sharing this free crochet pattern. Thanks SaturatedLifeCro for sharing the amazing project. The link for the free pattern is provided below photo. Happy crocheting.Maybellene Square Crochet Free Pattern

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Maybellene Square

Heart C2C Sherpa Pillow Free Crochet Pattern

  • Designed by: Tonya Bush

I hope you like heart motifs, because this pillow is full of love! TheHeart C2C Sherpa Pillow is a modern and trendy way to add some Love to your home! You can make this pillow on its own or put the Heart panel together with the LOVE panel to create a reversible pillow.

Heart C2C Sherpa Pillow Free Crochet Pattern

PHOTOS by Tonya Bush /

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Queen of the Meadow

However, squares also have their place among flower afghan block ideas. Here is one that will certainly be a great addition to any project, or indeed it's main structural block.Queen of the Meadow

The full article about this pattern is on Ravelry:

Queen of the Meadow

more info about Polly Plum Crochet’s project you will find on Instagram.

Serenity Now Afghan Block Pattern

  • Designed by Julie Yeager

I love afghan blocks with flowers in the center, because they look so cool! This particular block is by Julie Yeager and is a 12” square. The best part is, you can use it to make so many different projects! For instance, blanket, pillow cases, wraps, coasters and so on.

Serenity Now Afghan Block Free Pattern