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Sophie's Dream

This colorful bedspread is without any doubt one one the most beautiful square-based blankets I have seen. Most of all, I like the gentle earth-tone color transitions with in the individual squares.Sophie's Dream

The full article about this pattern is here:

Sophie's Dream Blanket

Info about Nannettenan’s project and the photos here or on Instagram.

Elegant Sophie Universe Bedspread

Don't you think this elegant square bedspread looks familiar? It's Sophie Universe Blanket and I'm sure you have seen it before. This beautiful pattern shows how much you can do with a pattern by varying the colors and yarns. This beautiful blanket would be a masterful centerpiece of any bedroom, or simply a great cover to cozy up with on a cold winter's evening. It's just challenging enough to keep an advanced crocheter entertained, and just easy enough to get a beginner o up their game and advance in the craft. It's one of those patterns everyone has to try

Elegant Sophie Universe Bedspread

The full article about this pattern is here:

Sophie's Universe

More info about Laurenwolf's project here Elegant Sophie Universe Bedspread.

Sophie Loves Lilla Bjorn Winter Blanket

Sophie Loves Lilla Bjorn Winter BlanketNext, these shades of winter are reminiscent of a snowy morning at the log cabin. Indeed, the combination of frosty blue and white with a wood-like brown is so iconic and beautiful

The original pattern is available here:
Sophie loves Lilla Bjorn Winter Blanket

more details about yarn in project photographed you can find on Ravlery.

Dream Puffs Crochet Blanket

When I started designing the Dream Puffs Crochet Blanket, I thought it would be a baby blanket - but this stitch is so darn squishy I decided it's for everybody! So here is the Dream Puffs Crochet Blanket free crochet pattern in 5 sizes - you're going to love cuddling up in this one! The Dream Puffs Crochet Blanket uses this fantastic V-stitch and puff stitch combo move that makes for an easy pattern to memorize that creates tons of texture, loft, and warmth. The lovely color changes are created by using two colorways of Lion Brand Scarfie - a self-striping yarn worked in stripes! I used two colorways with a lot in common, but I can't wait to see what combos you all come up with!

Dream Puffs Crochet Blanket

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Chic Sheep Day Dream Blanket

Chic Sheep Day Dream BlanketHaving my own yarn line has always been my dream. When Red Heart gave me the opportunity for that dream to come true I was elated. Now that I have my dream I wanted to make your crochet dreams come true with this beautiful corner-2-corner heirloom Chic Sheep Day Dream Blanket. Choose the color place of your choice, or use the pattern I used, and play around with all 24 colors of Chic Sheep. Chic Sheep by Marly Bird is 100% Merino Wool.

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Gentle River Ripple Blanket

This gentle river ripple blanket uses bold colors to show off the popular chevron pattern. It has a timeless appeal to home decor. This is my second chevron blanket that I have ever made. The soft peaks and valleys in this chevron throw remind me of gentle ripples on the water in the moonlight. I was going for a gentle wavy effect and after playing around with the stitches for a bit, the look just came together. Generally, the chevron or zig zag look is achieved by increasing and decreasing stitches at regular intervals throughout a row of stitches. This color pattern is repeated 6 times. To make this blanket symmetrical, I added four more rows of the Cape Cod Blue yarn to the end. Blanket is a total of 64 rows.Gentle River Ripple Blanket

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