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Sheep Lovey Crochet Baby Blanket

"Crochet baby lovely blabket. Meet cuddely and lovely crochet sheep security/ lovely blanket and plush toy . The finished item makes a georges gift for kids. USA english terms. You only need basic crochet skills for this project ( sc, hdc, increase and decrease, sewing pieces together). What do you need 120 g white Dk ( yarn weight 3) 50 g beage Dk yarn weight 3) Stitch marker Fiberfill Crochet needle 3,00 and 4,5 mm crochet hooks Usa English terms."Sheep Lovey Crochet Baby Blanket

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Spider On A Web Lovey

"I might be overcome with cuteness right now. Meet the most adorable crochet baby lovey of the season! It's a little mish-mash of patterns. A simple variation of my Friendly Spider pattern for the spider portion. And the blanket portion from the very popular bunny crochet lovey blanket with some surface crochet to give the appearance of a web. A crochet baby lovey is my idea of the perfect baby shower gift. It doesn't require much yarn. It's adorable. And you can finish it in an evening or two…while you're kicked back watching TV or visiting with family. Love that!"Spider On A Web Lovey

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Spiral Kitty Lovey

"This cute Spiral Kitty Lovey security blanket is the perfect gift idea for a newborn baby or toddler. It will make a lovely addition to a baby shower gift. Made with 100% cotton yarn, this Spiral Kitty Lovey will wash up easily when tossed in the wash if it gets dirty. The Spiral Kitty Lovey will be your little one's best friend as they journey and see their world together. A video tutorial is provided for the spiral lovey."Spiral Kitty Lovey

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Boutchou Bunny Lovey

"With this baby lovey crochet pattern, your little one will have a new favorite toy. It's classic stripes and tight stitches mean this lovey is made to stand the test of time (and toddler abuse). Choose your own colors to match this bunny crochet pattern to any nursery decor or favorite outfit. PATTERN DETAILS • Beginner-friendly • Size: 70 cm / 27.5” point to point • Techniques used / Special stitches: simple colorwork (optional) - full explanations are given in the pattern. • US crochet notations • Illustrated step-by-step photos MATERIALS • 4 mm / US G - 6 hook. • 5 mm / US H - 8 hook. • Paintbox Cotton Aran (50g, 100% cotton, 85m / 93yds) o 2 skeins in dolphin blue (referred to as blue). o 2 skeins in banana cream (referred to as white) o 2 skeins in daffodil yellow (referred to as yellow) • Tapestry needle to weave in the ends."Boutchou Bunny Lovey

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Brave Lion Lovey

Crochet loveys are an excellent alternative to baby blankets. They are quicker to make than traditional baby blankets and there is so much more room for creativity. This lion baby lovey is perfect for a woodland-themed baby shower and for fans of Harry Potter.
Gold and maroon are the Gryffindor house colors and the lion is the house mascot. The blanket part of this design is an almost solid granny square. You'll have that part done in no time! There's also a time-saving trick for the lion's mane that you're going to love!Brave Lion Lovey

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Snowman Lovey

Crochet a comforting Snowman Lovey for a special little one. A star shaped comforter blanket with a plush snowman attachment. To make this extra snuggly, I have used fluffy chenille-style yarn, but it could be made using plain yarn as well. You can also use different weight yarn, eg. #4 Worsted or #3 DK, instead. Just make sure you keep to the same yarn weight for all the colours. Use the hook size recommended for the yarn for the blankey and half a size smaller for the snowman. Please note that this will reduce the finished size of your lovey.Snowman Lovey

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