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Embellishment Flower Free Crochet Pattern

"There is nothing more fun than making a bunch of little crocheted flowers. Here is a simple flower that can be used as an embellishment on hats, purses, or anything else you like. You can attach a pin backing to make a brooch or an elastic to make a cute hair tie. You can even use them to embellish gift packages, decorate for parties or just around the house. Gauge is not important so you can use any yarn and a coordinating hook. This pattern is perfect for stash-busting because it uses such a small amount of yarn."Embellishment Flower Free Crochet Pattern

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Crochet Flower Hera Free Pattern

"This free crochet flower pattern is super easy and quick to make. Crochet Flower Hera is small and cute, the perfect embellishment for pillows, hats, purses, jackets and many more. This flower is an ideal scrap yarn project. Experiment with different yarn weights and hook sizes for larger or smaller flowers. I made Crochet Flower Hera with 6 strand embroidery floss and a 2 mm crochet hook and it measures about 4,5 cm (1,77 inches) in diameter."Crochet Flower Hera Free Pattern

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Picot Crochet Flower Free Crochet Pattern

"Crochet flowers are so pretty!!!!! Crochet flowers would make a great embellishment for your crochet projects. Use them to pretty up your Crochet Hat or you can always make plenty of these flowers, sew them up together and convert it into a pretty Flower Blanket or a Tablemat. The options are just immense. This flower is very easy to make. This flower pattern works up in just minutes.Picot Crochet Flower Free Crochet Pattern

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Crochet Rainbow Flower

I made this crochet Rainbow Flower to hang in our window. This crochet Rainbow Flower is made from individual hearts and then sewed together. For this project I used my pattern for the Heart Flower, which was published earlier. The Heart Flower pattern was designed as an applique. To make the flower larger, I used two strands of worsted weight #4 yarn and crochet hook size 9 mm. My Rainbow Flower turned out about 9” (23 cm) in diameter.

Crochet Rainbow Flower

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Anemone Flower Free Crochet Pattern

"This gorgeous crocheted anemone flower is the perfect embellishment for a crochet hat, headband, or even a blanket or sweater. These are so quick to make, but they really add some interest. The loop stitch really makes this piece stand out! You'll love how realistic this flower looks. There's a small tutorial on the loop stitch included on the pattern page. This little flower is perfect for a quick project that really makes you feel as if you've learned something! There are a few different techniques involved in making it that you've probably not used much before."Anemone Flower Free Crochet Pattern

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Crochet Dogwood Flower Free Pattern

"This crochet Dogwood flower will make a beautiful embellishment and you can use it for any Spring decoration! You can use it to embellish clothes, hats, scarves, anything you like. These Dogwood flowers will look gorgeous on handmade cards or, you can even make jewelry with them. I live in an area where dogwoods are blossoming in April - May and the amazing beauty of these trees inspired me to design this crochet dogwood flower. Finished Size: This crochet Dogwood flower is about 2” in diameter. "Crochet Dogwood Flower Free Pattern

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Pansy Crochet Flower Free Pattern

Pansies are a classic garden flower that remain a favorite among gardeners because of their cute "puppy dog" face. Now you can learn how to crochet your very own pansy flower with this free flower pattern. Make one and add it as a applique to a crocheted bag, hat, or afghan. Use any color combination you want to work up this crochet flower pattern. Adding embellishments such as small metal brads or beads are optional, but add a nice finishing touch. Using a G crochet hook and worsted weight yarn will result in a crochet flower that measures about 3.5" across, but you're welcome to experiment with other crochet hook sizes to achieve a different size flower.Pansy Crochet Flower Free Pattern

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Crochet Double Layered Flower Tutorial

"In this video tutorial you will know how to crochet an gorgeous trim petal flower. Begin the work from crochet this puffy little round element in tutorial 7 of the crochet elements and projects then we make mesh that we fix petals to. In this tutorial, a master show you flower with a layer of the petals and flower with double layer of the petals. In this case, petals are trims that give a flower bigger volume. These crocheted flower makes such a lovely bouquet. You can crochet just the flower with trim petals by itself and attach it to a hat or purse. Or you can make some leaves and learn how to connect the such unusual flower to a traditional flower stem."Crochet Double Layered Flower Tutorial

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