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Frosted Petals Ear Warmer

Hats and Beanies
  • Designed by Megan Meyer

Megan Meyer proved, that ear warmers doesn't have to be boring at all! I mean, just take a look at the pictures below. The intricate, lacy ear warmer is the ultimate, feminine accessory for fall and winter time. It will keep your ears and head warm, and you will be able to still wear a bun or a ponytail!

Frosted Petals Ear Warmer

PHOTOS by Megan Meyer /

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Chunky Crochet Ponytail Hat

You can crochet this beehive-style hat in a flash because it's made with super bulky yarn. The pattern includes five sizes, as well as options for adding the stripes and the bow. With just this one pattern, you can make hats for all your friends and family!Chunky Crochet Ponytail Hat

Chelsea Beehive Bun Hat, $5, Made With a Twist

Iris Beanie Free Pattern

  • Designed by: Megan Meyer

I love how the colors are beautifully transitioning into one another in this fun Iris beanie by Megan Meyer. Check it out on the pictures below, isn’t it gorgeous? It's the ideal amount of cozy and lacy. What's more, you can make it really fast and you only need basic stitches to crochet it.

Iris Beanie Free Pattern

Photo is by Megan Meyer /

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Falling Leaves Ear Warmers

These super fun crochet ear warmers in the pictures below were made by Jenila Mathialagan and have such amazing colors and texture! What's more, if fall is your favorite season and you love the crisp refreshing air and the colorful falling leaves, you will love wearing this ear warmers!

Falling Leaves Ear Warmers

PHOTOS by Jenila Mathialagan /

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Cat-Eared Ponytail Hat

Although this last ponytail hat is a knitting pattern, the cat ears make it too adorable to skip. For those who both crochet and knit, grab your needles and cast on this cutie! But even if you don't knit, you might just be inspired to work up some triangle ears to attach to your favorite crochet ponytail hat!Cat-Eared Ponytail Hat

Cat Hat With Ponytail Opening, $5, Monique Rae on Ravelry

Love Bug Slouchy Hat

Here is a next slouch Hat free crochet pattern for a crazy, modern slouch hat with a pom-pom. It's made by Megan Meyer and the hat will indeed be a trendy and joyous addition to your winter attire. It's perfect for snowball fights with your kids and waltzing around town on a cold, sunny day. This easy pattern is a definite gem!

Love Bug Slouchy Hat

Photos by Megan Meyer /

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