Free Crochet Pattern

Tapestry Daffodil Afghan Square Free Crochet Pattern

I think that daffodils are my favorite flowers. They smell incredible, look stunning and are the ultimate symbol of spring, because they’re so vibrant and sunny! These sweet squares look like little pieces of art, that you can turn for instance into a blanket, pillow case, or a bed cape.
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Crafty Rainbow Pillow Free Crochet Pattern

  • Designed by A Crafty Concept

This fluffy, gorgeous rainbow pillow is absolutely amazing. It’s so squishy and comfortable! This might be just your next gift idea for your friend s and family, because it’s so fast and easy to make. Above all, it’s really pretty, in conclusion, it will look adorable in your kiddos room!

PHOTOS by A Crafty Concept /

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Flower Applique Free Pattern

  • Designed by: Clare M

I love how versatile these flowers are. I mean, you can make a whole bunch of different projects out of these flowers. Clare M suggests, that you can use it to embellish many of your projects. For instance, feel free to attach it to a pillow case, blanket, or a hat. Use a 5 mm hook for this project.

Photos by Clare M /

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Mollie Flowers Free Crochet Pattern

  • Designed by: Brigitte Read

These cute little Mollie Flowers are truly magical, because they can transform into whatever you want. Just join them together, and you can make a thousand different projects of them! For instance, you can make a blanket, a pillow, necklace, or a potholder. Moreover, you can also use them as a brooch or hat decoration. Choose your favourite colours and start today!

Photos by Brigitte Read /

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Dahlia-Daisy Flower Free Crochet Pattern

  • Designed by: Maria Brygt

This gorgeous dahlia flowers make the perfect decoration for a pillow case. Why? Well, because they add texture, colors and design. It makes the whole project come together. On other words, these are the appliques to go, if you want to make a pillow case.

Photos by Maria Brygt /

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Gingerbread Man

  • Designed by StringyDingDing

These adorable little gingerbread men on the pictures below were made by StringyDingDing and you can almost smell the Christmas spices! This sweet Amigurumi is worked in rows – first you start with making 2 feet and connecting them. Then you work them into the body, head and arms. Don’t forget to add some buttons!

PHOTOS by StringyDingDing /

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