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Parker Cozy Blanket

Afghans and Blankets

Parker Cozy BlanketI love making blankets. As they grow, they keep me super cozy and that is pretty much the reason I designed the Parker Cozy Blanket - because I was cold that day. True story! I love the Parker Cozy Blanket because it has both a cozy and open style of stitching so as not to create a blanket that doesn't allow for some air flow. It is perfect for those cozy nights on the couch! The Parker Cozy Blanket is great for every level of crocheter because it has a wonderful rhythm to the stitching that lets you really get in a groove and will fly off your hook!

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Little Couch Potato Siesta Blanket

Little Couch Potato Siesta BlanketThis Little Couch Potato Siesta Blanket was crocheted over the course of one weekend (at a relaxed pace), with 3 cakes of Pool Party Bernat Blanket Stripes yarn. The yarn was easy to work with and except for the final row of the project I let the colors come out of the yarn cake as they were dyed. The last row I removed a small section in the dark blue in order to use the next color in the ball to complete the final 2 rows in the same color. Two separate colors over the final 2 rows did not fit with the flow of the rest of the blanket. So if you end up in a similar place after you reach row 50 consider cutting out a small section and allowing the next section to take it's place to make the blanket color flow a bit more smoothly. This was a very relaxed and simple project to crochet. I love the striped effect created by the yarn and not having to sew in a bunch of yarn ends! Great for gifts, baby showers, children, floor blankets and cuddle time! Drew's finished blanket measures 40 inches wide and 36 inches long. The stitch multiple is 2+1 so you can create this to any size you wish easily.

Tried and True Beginner Blanket

Tried and True Beginner BlanketI have been teaching beginners (read: novice/first time crocheters) to crochet for a couple of years. My favorite projects are any that include a super bulky yarn and a 15 mm hook. Why? These projects can be started and finished in one class and the beginner can leave with a hat on their head (or a cowl around their neck). I designed this blanket with the true beginner in mind. Maybe you took a class, or a friend taught you the single crochet. You’ve made a stack of hats, but you want more! This is the project for you. You will learn the four basic stitches and how to work in rows (working in rows is a beginner skill, but I don't like teaching it for a first time crocheter). I have added notes here and there to help guide you and give you an understanding on the basics of pattern-reading. I have also included a full photo tutorial for each stitch to help you along your way.

Tranquil Tides Blanket

  • Designed by Ashley Parker

This soft blankie was made by Ashley Parker and it looks like ocean waves on a sunny day, doesn't it? I absolutely love the color palette in this project. It's a classic ripple blanket, that will be great to keep you warm on winter time, but it's also a very fun blanket for babies.

Tranquil Tides Blanket

Photo by Ashley Parker /

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Crochet Rainbow Blanket

Is there anything that will bright up your day more than a rainbow blanket? I think not! This crochet blanket is so much fun and easy to make. Simply cast on, get into the groove of the pattern and cast off when you feel your blanket is long enough. For this rainbow blanket, simply use up scraps or buy some amazing colours especially for your project. I've depicted this crochet blanket as a rainbow blanket, but really... you can make this blanket in any colour scheme you like. Have fun!"Crochet Rainbow Blanket

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Free Chunky Crochet Blanket Pattern

Free Chunky Crochet Blanket PatternThere’s nothing quite like a great movie, your favorite spot on the couch, and a handmade blanket. Cuddle up with this cozy blanket for your next Netflix binge session. 

Playful puff stitches dot either end of the blanket, adding texture and visual interest. The body is a sea of single crochet stitches, allowing you to get into the groove of this quick and easy project. You’ll be planning your next afghan before you finish the first!