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Mesmerizing Mini Bag

This bag works up super fast – make one this afternoon and carry it out tonight! And while it’s mini compared to it’s big sister the Messenger Bag, it’s still got plenty of room for all your essentials!Mesmerizing Mini Bag

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Mesmerizing Messenger Bag

It's impossible not to fall in love with this Mesmerizing Messenger Bag. This homemade bag is stylish and roomy, which makes it the perfect bag to tote around every day. It's also great for using as a school book bag because it's big enough to store a 3-inch wide binder. The long over the shoulder strap makes it easy and comfortable to carry, and the optional strap adjuster is a nice added touch. This free crochet pattern also includes instructions for adding fleece lining, which is a great way to ensure your valuables stay protectedMesmerizing Messenger Bag

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Inventive Messenger Bag

"This crochet bag is a slightly different one from the "Inventive Bag" that I shared before. Someone else wanted a bag exactly as the Inventive bag but to be used as a messenger bag and with a larger size so I added a strap and more rows. In this one I didn't use back loop stitches, I made more rows so there are 20 for each color section. I cross stitched holding two yarns togethers instead of one, didn't sc around in the end each piece separately, I couldn't line it yet but It is fine as it is, I think. I also steam blocked it. And after that process I steam blocked every crochet product I find at home. I loved it. "Inventive Messenger Bag

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Color Pool Messenger Bag

A simple and easy design for a fabulous bag! Keep your tension even, and watch the pattern emerge all by itself. Perfect for beginners, and a fun project for seasoned pros, as well. Grab your Red Heart Neon or Primary Stripes yarn, and whip up a great little accessory for yourself~fun way to store your electronic devices, or a fabulous project bag! Easily fits 2-3 skeins of yarn inside. You can even adapt the size for a deeper bag or longer strap.

Color Pool Messenger Bag

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Afternoon Market Bag

"This Afternoon Market Bag is named for how quick and simple it is to work up. Using a very simple pattern repeat, this market bag works up in an afternoon (or two!). This bag is very beginner friendly. This bag has a mesh structure for the body of the bag and a closed bottom to make sure that none of your items fall out but to give you a little stretch for more farmers market vegetables, more yarn or oddly shaped items."Afternoon Market Bag

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Mama's Got a Brand New Bag Free Crochet Pattern

"Create this stunning triangular bag with this easier-than-you-think crochet pattern. A stitch pattern of sc and dc is easy to remember and creates a dense fabric with texture. By creatively folding a simple rectangle you magically start to form this tote. This project is perfect for keeping fingers busy while still being able to talk and watch TV. This statement bag measures 16” wide by 18” tall and makes a great tote or project bag. Made with a 4.00mm (US G) crochet hook and Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton yarn in two colors. Two skeins of each color are needed."Mama's Got a Brand New Bag Free Crochet Pattern

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