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Cute Cross Body Bag Crochet Pattern

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This Cute Cross Body Bag is slowly replacing all of my other bags. I'm serious. Since I crocheted this bag, I've been taking it everywhere. It's the perfect size for all of my essentials, and it's far more convenient to carry than my larger totes and bags. If you're looking for a classy crossbody bag that's simple to make and that you can use for just about anything, then this is the perfect pattern for you.

Cute Cross Body Bag Crochet Pattern

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Classic Crossbody Bag

Bags come in all various sizes and styles, but crossbody bags are our favorite. This Classic Crossbody Bag is easy to carry and big enough to fit your daily essentials, and then some. This style of bag eliminates possible shoulder pain that over-the-shoulder purses usually can cause. Use any color yarn you want to complete this free crochet pattern. Straps are attached from the inside of the bag. Once you've completed the pattern, you can add a variety of embellishments including a zipper, decorative button, fabric lining, or a snap closure.Classic Crossbody Bag

Totes McGoats

Inspiration comes from funny places sometimes. A photo, a mood, a yarn and sometimes a silly saying! Introducting Totes McGoats the goat tote! Totes McGoats makes a great all purpose tote for goat fans, meme lovers, goat farmers, and people with that certain sense of humor. And it makes a great Halloween treat bag or basket too!Totes McGoats

Sandy Crossbody Tote

"This pattern was designer by a guest designer through Joy of Motion Crochet. The Sandy Crossbody Tote is the perfect on-the-go stylish tote. Throw a couple of water bottles and a pair of sunglasses in it for a quick visit to the park with your kiddos. Throw your wallet and coupons in it for a jaunt up to the craft store. Toss in a book and a bottle of sunscreen and hit the beach. This tote would even make a beautiful date night bag. If you are worried about small bits like lipstick or other odds and ends, then grab a stylish little zipper pouch to put those little bits in and toss it into your Sandy Crossbody Tote."Sandy Crossbody Tote

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Mercato Crossbody Tote

The Mercato Crossbody Tote is ideal for traveling, a day at the mercato {market}, or a playdate at the park. It's comfortable, and stays out of the way, but is where you need it. Market totes are such great summer makes. I gifted this one to my son’s teacher, and she loved it. It's fast, easy and doesn't take much yarn-perfect for gifts. I've crocheted a bunch of these this year and gifted all of them. I definitely should make a few for myself. I always need a nice shopper ready to go in the car, or another bag to hold yarn!

Mercato Crossbody Tote

Crochet Cross Body Bag

No wonder it's much easier and comfortable to carry cross-body bags than others. You can create this bag for yourself and others with a free crochet pattern. Moreover, use Lily Sugar N Cream 100% acrylic yarn. Additionally, use a sharp needle for poking holes in the zipper. You also require an E and a G-size crochet hook to work on this beautiful crochet bag. traversebaycrochet

Crochet Cross Body Bag