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Relief Wave Crochet Stitch

There are many variations of wavy crocheting patterns that we often use to create children’s blankets, cardigans, blouses and tops. You can learn how to crochet by the example of this one. I tested both a new wavy embossed pattern and a new yarn for myself. In the Tutorial, I started a pattern from a row of tr’s, but I think it’s better to start with a row of sc’s. As you wish. Still this pattern is beautiful, if you work it in 2 rows of different colors. Change the color at the beginning of the row which is all of treble crochets. You can try to replace tr with dc, or try to change the number of tr. This pattern – interesting mathematical task. And a wonderful result for any changes! Crochet with Fun!

Relief Wave Crochet Stitch

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Diamond Wave Pattern

"What is the diamond wave pattern? The diamond wave crochet pattern, also known as the stained glass stitch, is a wavy stitch that is crocheted in 2 or more colors and uses long single crochet stitches to give the illusion individual colorful stained glass pieces or diamonds. Today I will show you how to crochet the diamond wave pattern with step by step photos and explanations and a video for those of you who find it easier to learn by watching how is it done."Diamond Wave Pattern

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Two-Tone Wave Crochet Blanket Pattern

Can't decide which yarn color to use in a crochet afghan pattern? Well, now you can use both in this fascinating Two-Tone Wave Crochet Blanket Pattern. This eye-catching piece features the ripple stitch, which creates an elegant wave-like pattern that stretches across the entire piece. The varying shades of yarn also create interesting shadow illusions that give this project some character.Two-Tone Wave Crochet Blanket Pattern

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Crochet Easy Shell Stitch Blanket

Crochet is know to be so soothing and has been proven to relieve stress. There is nothing better than sitting with a cup of hot coffee and crocheting your favorite crochet project. Crochet blankets are always a popular choice among crocheters , be a beginner or a experienced Crocheter. The crocheted blankets are so versatile. You can combine multiple crochet stitches and make a pretty textured crochet blanket. You can easily make them as small as you want, or as large as you want. Today am sharing the pattern for this Crochet Easy Shell Stitch Blanket. I just love the texture of this stitch. This pattern is very simple to work up. This stitch is made up of double crochets and single crochets worked up in a pattern. The Crochet shell stitch looks complicated, but its just a repeat of two rows and you end up with a beautiful crochet blanket. I have used variegated yarn for the blanket. I love how the color changes and you don't have to weave off the yarn ends in case of using different color yarn at end of every row. You can use this easy Crochet shell stitch pattern to also make a Placemat Tablemat or a full sized crochet afghan blanket or a crochet throw. Materials Used:- 8 Ply Cotton Variegated Yarn 4 mm Crochet Hook Size:- 30 inches- Customizable to any size

Crochet Easy Shell Stitch Blanket

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Wistful Wave Blanket

Soft waves.  Toes sinking into sand.  A big sigh of contentment. And this. This Wistful Wave Crochet Blanket. The perfect, soothing balm in a sea of crazy times. What this year needs is the kind of crochet project where you kick up your feet, snuggle under your work and mindlessly crochet away all the disturbing things in life you’d just as soon forget. And be present in the good of the moment. The Wistful Wave Crochet Blanket is all that.  Let's ride that wave!Wistful Wave Blanket

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Josephine Shell Stitch Baby Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

The shell stitch is beautiful and timeless. It is one of the first techniques people learn when they take up crochet. All you need to know before you start is how to make chains, single crochets and treble crochets. Once you have mastered the stitch, you will be able to create so many beautiful items. This Josephine Shell Stitch Baby Blanket Free Crochet Pattern is quick and easy to make. It will help you create something beautiful without needing to be a master of all things crochet. It is worked in a bulky yarn with a large hook, so it can be made in a few days. You could take this version of the shell stitch and work it in rows to make a lovely textured blanket of any size. Thanks Willow Yarns for sharing this free pattern. The link for the free pattern is provided below photo. Happy crocheting.Josephine Shell Stitch Baby Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Photo Credit to Willow Yarns

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Josephine Shell Stitch Baby Blanket