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Pocket Fox Free Crochet Pattern

If you’re a beginner, this Pocket fox is especially for you. Easy to create the project can be unique thanks to your face and colour personalization. It’s a great gift idea for your loved ones – friends or family.

Pocket Fox Free Crochet Pattern

You will find the pattern here. more info here.

Mrs Fox Toy Crochet Pattern

Waking up on Christmas morning as a child is so magical. Knowing the whole day will be filled with family fun and toys you’ve only dreamed about. Some of my favorite gifts to make for the holiday season are children’s toys. There’s this element of whimsy and excitement unmatched anywhere else. That’s why I wanted to share this fox stuffed animal with you. The Mrs Fox Toy is adorable and fun, and so imaginative. As a kid, I would have loved playing with her. She’s this adorable little fox with rosy cheeks and a little bow on her head. She also has a detachable scarf, jacket, and dress so she can go on all the adventures with you.Mrs Fox Toy Crochet Pattern

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Clark The Fox

Clark is a detailed fox amigurumi pattern ready to teach you new techniques in crochet. With glitter eyes and unique, realistic shaping, this plushy is as bold as his tail is fluffy. As with most of my designs, I spent time looking at pictures of live foxes and silver foxes while researching my plans for Clark. I love the way that they look so confident and majestic, but they also have this swagger that makes it feel like that majesty is as natural to them as breathing.Cuddly Rudolph Amigurumi

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Amigurumi Honey Teddy Bears Free Crochet Pattern

Teddy bears are the classic gift that can brighten the day of anyone regardless of age and crochet teddy bears are a unique variation. This cute and lovely amigurumi Honey Teddy Bear Couple will definitely melt anyones heart. Their irresistible charm will make them an instant favorite. This Amigurumi Honey Teddy Bears Free Crochet Pattern is an ideal project for crocheters looking to create more beautifully crafted toys for loved ones. They make an excellent custom gift for newlyweds. They can also be used as a bridal shower or personalized wedding centerpiece. Thanks amigurumi.today for sharing this free crochet pattern. The link for the free pattern is provided below photo. If you don’t know how to crochet, you can buy one from here.  Happy crocheting.

Amigurumi Honey Teddy Bears Free Crochet PatternClick below link for free pattern

Amigurumi Honey Teddy Bears in Love

The Traveling Tu Family

Easter is just around the corner! Have you filled your Easter baskets? This bunny family will sure add a ton of fun for kids and kids at heart! Meet the Traveling Tu family - PapaTu (daddy rabbit in purple), MamaTu (mommy rabbit in blue), Tutu (big brother bunny, in white) and Toto (baby sister bunny, in pink). They like to hop out of their carrot home and enjoy a nice sunny day, while munching on yummy carrots :)The Traveling Tu Family

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