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Steve The Turtle

Next, , look at this little green fellow and his big friendly eyes! Doubtless, I feel like inviting him and his whole family into my amigurumi collection right away. Thus, use these fantastic sea turtles for home decorations or handmade gifts.

Steve The Turtle 
The full article about the original pattern is here: Steve (Zissou), more info about this version and the photos here.

Crochet Turtle Toy Free Pattern

Turtles are among the most adorable marine creatures. It doesn’t matter how slow they move. There’s something endearing about the peace-loving and slow-moving turtles. Do your kids adore turtles? You may not want to have turtles as pets for whatever reasons, however you can make crochet turtles for your kids with these Crochet Turtle Amigurumi Free Patterns. The sweet and charming turtles will be the perfect friends for your kids. You can customize them as you like. You can make your turtles realistic in grey, brown, or green, or use any color combination. They can be great gifts for a nursery. Thanks Below designers for sharing these free crochet patterns. The link for the pattern is provided below photo. Happy crocheting.Crochet Turtle Toy Free Pattern

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Turtle Toy

Sea Turtle Amigurumi

Meet Honu the Sea Turtle! Measuring about 6.5 inches long from head to tail, this cute little turtle is a great size for cuddling and playing with, but is not too big to sit on a shelf as a decoration as well. There are also so many possibilities with shell colors that you could make a whole family of turtles, each one looking unique! This sea turtle is worked up in pieces and then sewn together at the end. This pattern is beginner friendly with detailed, step-by-step photos to help you along the way, but it also fun for more experienced crocheters as well. Check out this pattern and the rest of my ocean theme amigurumi on my blog!Sea Turtle Amigurumi

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Sea Turtle Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

  • Designed by Loops and Love Crochet

Sea turtles are just so adorable and brave creatures! This cute little fellow will be a great kay chain or a lucky charm, that your friends will absolutely love. What’s more, it’s really easy to crochet!

Sea Turtle Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

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Tiny Stripes Turtles Free Crochet Pattern

These cute, tiny crochet turtles will be such a fun project to make, even if you are still at the beginning of your crafting journey. In the pattern, the shells are striped but you can crochet them in single colors as well. As this is a tiny project, it will be perfect for leftover yarn odds and ends. The link to the free pattern is under the photo.Tiny Stripes Turtles Free Crochet Pattern

The full article about this pattern is here:

Tiny Stripes Turtles

More info here.

Crochet Amigurumi African Flower Turtle Free Patterns

A List of Crochet Turtle Amigurumi Toy Softies Free Patterns, and paid pattern on last page. Turtles have incredibly long life span, and maybe because of their longevity, or because of the mirage heroic icon of Ninja Turtles that are widely adored by boys, they have been completely and utterly obsessed as pets in some of our houses. Scroll down to the end and choose the one of the kinds you love, and hook out some for your boys and all turtle lovers around you.Crochet Amigurumi African Flower Turtle Free Patterns

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