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Waterfall Ripple Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

While this waterfall ripple rainbow blanket will be a quick project, it’s still a stylish and beautiful piece to be given as a gift for a shower, wedding or birthday. Although it uses chevrons or zigzags, the repeating sequence gives a wave-like appearance. The size is arbitrary, but the beauty is timeless as well as highly variable through the selection of colors.

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Waterfall Ripple Blanket

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The Alpine Blanket in Rainbow

However, is a rainbow solid blanket a little too rainbow for you? It may be nevertheless we have you covered and this subdued rainbow will surely fit the bill. While its colors are less loud, it still has that rainbow-y, striped gradient of hues.

photo by Stephanie Linden @Instagram

Nya Infinity Mosaic in Rainbow Free Crochet Pattern

The Nya Mosaic Blanket is a novel application of basic crochet stitches. Although you can follow a chart to make one yourself, it is also possible to use a long-form written instruction. While this isn’t necessarily the simplest project, this blanket can be made by just about anyone if they take enough care. The size is arbitrary, and can be adjusted to fit any need. The colors for the pattern are only limited by your imagination. Please see below for yarn details and the most beautiful realization of this project. I’m sure you will find something for yourself among them.

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Nya Infinity Mosaic Blanket

Info about these versions and the photos –here.

Rainbow Nostromo Free Crochet Pattern

The Nostromo rainbow blanket is a highly adaptable, fun pattern. You can adjust it easily for both length and width, as well as overall appearance through color choices. Furthermore, it’s also adaptable as a faux window shade, simply by voiding the middle.

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Mint Chevrons Free Crochet Pattern

  • Designed by SusanB

Wavy blankets are simple, yet so eye pleasing, right? What’s more, if you go for more contrasting colors, you can hero your baby develop their sight and mind! In addition to that, it’s such a great gift idea for a baby shower!

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