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Heart Pixel Art Square

Though a little time consuming, pixel art projects are so fun! I think I like most that it kind of resembles a quilt, but also that it uses my favorite join-as-you method – the Pull Loop Through Method! Makes for an easy join, and no worrying about how to assemble later – can’t say I enjoy sewing squares together. BUT! If you do, you could always make the squares separately, and then use the mattress stitch (or your preferred technique) to join them later. WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH THIS SQUARE? It’s the perfect size for a 16″ throw pillow, use it as an afghan square, and build a blanket, add more squares all around to make a larger blanket, use it as a doily, attach it to a dowel rod, and hang it, use it as the star of the show for a sweater/top, even changing up the weight of yarn used will open doors!Heart Pixel Art Square

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C2C Crochet Christmas Tree Pixel Square

  • Designed by: Sarah Zimmerman

Even if it’s not Christmas time yet, it’s always good to make some fun projects in advance. Because we all know how crazy time can pass when we’re trying to make everything come together at Christmas! In other words, make sure to start making decorations early this year! The finished size of this square is 16in x 16in.

C2C Crochet Christmas Tree Pixel Square

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Find original free pattern on repeatcrafterme.com, or read more about it on Ravelry. This particular version is on Ravelry.

Shells Aflutter 12 Inch Afghan Square

I love creating unique afghan squares! This gorgeous Shells Aflutter 12 inch afghan square is the perfect accent to any afghan. You can make it the center of an afghan and build around it or make a bunch to join together into a larger afghan. This square is made with Vanna's Choice yarn in four colors but can be easily substituted for any other category 4 yarn in as many colors as you choose. This square is block #11 of the 2017 Moogly CAL!Shells Aflutter 12 Inch Afghan Square

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Shining Star Crochet Granny Square

An easy crochet classic, this Shining Star Crochet Granny Square is a customizable home accessory. This project provides fun and creativity, as you can pick any color combination that will work with your home. It is so easy to make and is the perfect beginner's crochet project. It's an affordable and fun home decoration that can be made into any pattern you please. This granny square works for all skill-levels, making it a fun group crafting activity for family or friends. DIY home decor has never been easier with this crochet staple.

From the Blogger: "This whimsical Shining Star Crochet Granny Square is fun to make, easy to work up, and you can use many color combinations to achieve a variety of looks. Add it to any sampler afghan, or make several up for a starry throw to grace your home."Shining Star Crochet Granny Square

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Crochet Star Stitch

The star stitch is one of the prettiest patterns I’ve ever worked with. Although it looks complicated, it’s actually an easy stitch to crochet once you know where to insert your hook. What is the star stitch? The star stitch (also known as the daisy stitch) is a crochet pattern constructed with single crochet and half double crochet stitches and simple 2-row repeat that creates a star pattern sequence on the right side of your work.Crochet Star Stitch

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Bargello Crochet Afghan Block

This crochet granny square is a stunning work made using the Bargello technique. Work up a few of these granny squares and join them together for a uniquely beautiful crochet granny square afghan. The end result is a beautifully textured granny square that will instantly draw the eye of anyone who walks past it.In the designer's own words, "Bargello technique has long been used in embroidery (Florentine embroidery). I thought, why not try to crochet pattern in this technique? The essence of this technique is to use different blending colors and combinations of them so that there were flames, waves, peaks. In the Bargello technique, you can associate a square from the center, a circle or a round motif. It'd be chic to crochet Bargello blankets, bedspreads, pillowcases, and cushion for chairs."Bargello Crochet Afghan Block

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