Free Crochet Pattern

Modern Mountain Throw Blanket

Feel free to cosy up with this chunky, squishy throw by Jessica Reeves Potasz. First of all, it’s made with two modern stitches, that come together and create a classic, timeless blanket with a very nice in touch texture. What’s more, it looks amazing in any space and the finished size is 36.5” X 40” (lapghan) and 44” X 56” (afghan).

Extreme Knitted Blanket

If you’re looking for something that’s stunning and eye-catching, this Extreme Knitted Blanket is perfect for you. It looks impressive, it’s made of big and thick yarn and is super warm and soft, is there anything better? I’m sure that blanket like this will look amazing in every house, so it must be in yours! I hope you like it!

Falling Bobbles Blanket

This original and funny blanket is amazing. The blanket begins with a heavy concentration of bobbles that, as you knit, tapers down to a less-frequent few. Falling Bobbles Blanket is incredibly soft and cozy, so choose your favourite color and start today! Moreover, patterns is really easy so making this blanket is a pleasure.