Free Crochet Pattern

The Girlfriends Free Knitting Pattern

Wonderful girlfriends will bring joy to both adults and children. What’s more, they will decorate the interior of the children’s room and will be the best friends for your little princess, so it’s a great gift idea. In other words, the knitted Girlfriends toy looks really delicate and girly and I’m sure every girl will love them!

Pretty Izzy Dolls Free Knitting Pattern

These lovely knitted toy Pretty Izzy Dolls look wonderful. Each one looks a little different, so you can make them look like your family member or friends! Isn’t that great? What’s more, you can also take a yellow and black yarn and create the right hair colors!

Haruni Free Knitting Pattern

I absolutely love this shawl and I have to try this pattern! I hope you’ll try it as well. It’s such a delicate design, it looks almost magical, doesn’t it? The delicate lacing is so beautiful with this amazing, emerald green!

Pax the Alpaca Free Knitting Pattern

Who doesn’t love alpacas? These lovely animals warm the hearts of many people, and the alpaca toy is absolutely fantastic! Pax the Alpaca is a knitted perfect gift idea for your loved one, best friend or for your small family member for example. Remember about scarf!

Nina Dress Free Knitting Pattern

Red is always a good color, if you’re going for a children’ dress, because it not only look beautiful, but it allows you to easy spot your kiddo in the crown! So practical, right? What’s more, you can make a winter version of it if you want, by adding long sleeves.