Free Crochet Pattern

Malabrigo Free Knitting Pattern

Knitted booties are so beautiful, aren’t they? These ones have such a potential and what’s more, you can easily adjust them and add some beads, stars or whatever you want to make it more personal. They will make a lovely gift as well!

Pink dress Free Knitting Pattern

These beautiful knitted baby dresses are absolutely adorable, right? What’s more, these projects are really easy to knit. Dresses like these are truly universal, so your baby can wear them no matter the season. In other words, these dresses are a must have!

Myriad Free Knitting Pattern

Author of this pattern took her inspiration from ripples on the water and you can clearly see how amazing this gorgeous shawl looks like. In addition, you can embellish it even further by adding some needs and sequins. I’m sure it’s also a wonderful gift idea!

Playground Shawl Free Knitting Pattern

If you’re looking for a fast and colorful shawl to wrap yourself in it not only on summmer days, but also when it gets a little more chilly, this one is the ideal project for you! The finished size is approximately 145cm/58” wide and 55cm/22” high, in other words, you have to try it!