Free Crochet Pattern

Fade Variation Free Pattern

If you like a slight ombre effect and colorful shawls, this project by Carolyn Glauz-Todrank will amaze you! It offers two variations on the Be Simple Shawl. It’s a gorgeous and asymmetrical project, that’s very easy to knit and super comfy to wear, because of the super soft yarn.

Euphoria shawl Free Pattern

This gorgeous, knitted, feminine shawl was made by gazal mohammed and it looks so romantic! The yarn that was used is the Scheepjes “stone washed”, however feel free to use your favorite one. You will need a 4,5 mm needle for this project. One thing is for sure – it will definitely keep you warm and cosy!

Vivid Square Blanket Free Knitting Pattern

If you love combining different and multicoloured squares into a coherent whole, then this blanket will surely amazed you. The original pattern with a floral motif is really beautiful. You can make it in the colours of a rainbow or your favourite colour scheme, for example in different shades of pink!

Uroko Free Knitting Pattern

This stunning, hear – shaped shawl looks like the most beautiful sunset on earth. Combined with an ombre effect it created a lovely depth and complexity to the whole pattern. Above all, it’s really not that hard to knit! Moreover, it’s a really warm piece of art, that will last you literally forever.

Minnow Knitting Pattern

This beautiful heart – shaped shawl is so mesmerizing because of all the different colors combined together, that create a truly magical effect. In other words, it’s a stunning piece, that will keep you warm and look great! I love this one.