Free Crochet Pattern

The Downtown Cardigan Free Knitting Pattern

I immediately fell in love with this gorgeous, peachy cardigan, because it’s so feminine and chunky! What’s more, it looks super chic with the baggy sleeves and bold ribbing. And not to mention well – defined stitches! In other words, it’s a true statement, you’ll love it!

Caravan Poncho Free Knitting Pattern

I don’t know about you, but I associate this poncho with Peru and Machu Picchu. If you love adventures and travelling, this Caravan Poncho will be perfect. In other words, it’s the ultimate fall poncho! Adorable tassels at the bottom give it a boho-style, don’t you think?

Warm Brew Mittens

If you like to feel warm and cosy during late fall and winter time, you will definitely need some mittens. These amazing mittens will keep your hands warm, but you will be still able to use your phone or do anything else!

Floating Ribs Free Pattern

I absolutely love the colors in this gorgeous shawl by Cate Carter-Evans. It’s such a mesmerizing project! The finished project is 62 inches / 158 cm from  tip to tip, and 18 inches / 46 cm deep at the center point of the shawl. It features a faux i – cord edging, which makes it such beautiful!

Take a Sunrise

What I love most about this blanket is obviously the color, which is so perfect for fall! What’s more, you can easily make it in any size you want by adding pattern repeats. Each pattern repeat will make this blanket and add about 4”.

Rocky Road Shawl Free Pattern

Take a look at this beautiful shawl by Cascade Yarns. It was made with a very soft and delicate yarn, that will make you feel very cozy and comfy this upcoming winter days. What’s more, you can make this shawl in no time, so make sure to start asap! The finished size is 76” wingspan x 23” deep.

Quilt for Mom Free Pattern

This absolutely amazing blankie is 5ft x 5ft. The colors are truly mesmerizing and create a beautiful stained glass effect. You can pass on the borders in the center and make it an ombre blanket. What’s more, it’s warm and super cosy!