Free Crochet Pattern

Sheepie shawl collar

I love creme and beige sweaters, they look so adorable and timeless! In other words, this sheep shawl collar by Linden Down will make your kiddo look very elegant and so cute! The best part is, that this cardi is really simple to crochet. Moreover, feel free to add as many appliques and fun buttons as you like!

Ausable Free Knitting Pattern

This beautiful dusty pink cardigan by Amy Christoffers is a kind of sweater, that can be worn all year long. Therefore feel free to knit it no matter the season. What’s more, the cable design is simple and timeless, so make sure to try this one!

Dusk Poncho Free Knitting Pattern

The Dusk Poncho is the perfect ‘throw it on’ accessory to finish your outfits for chilly days. You can just wear basic shirt, jeans. With this Dusk Poncho your outfit will look amazing anyway! The combination of cable pattern with small lace openings looks great! Feel free to gift it to your friend!

Rainbow Honeycomb

Honeycomb is proven to be one of the most classic and fun motifs out there, because it’s so symmetrical and eye catching. The finished dimensions of this blanket are 31×42 inches. In other words, be sure to try this one!

Chevron Eyelet Prayer Shawl Free Pattern

If you like purple shawls, this one is going to be just perfect for you! Cascade Yarns created a beautiful wrap, that’s transitioning from one shade of purple to another. What’s more, the delicate design will make you feel so romantic and feminine! Take a look at the photo below, you’ll love this one! What’s more, the finished size is 18” x 58”.

Ashton Shawlette Free Pattern

This charming scarf has original edges and beautiful small openings that create amazing pattern. As you can see this Ashton Shawlette is cozy and warm, so it will also work well in autumn or spring to protect your neck. Choose you favoutive yarn colour and start today!

Headband with a twist

This Headband with a twist is very warm and comfortable to wear. It has a twist in the middle, and not only this looks classy, but it’s also a clever way to hide the seam. It looks elegant and a little bit vintage, so you can match in a cool way with outfit.

Wednesday Wrap Free Knitting Pattern

Wednesday Wrap is perfect for cold days and looks cozy. The piece is worked with garter stitch and lace pattern. Choose your favourite color and make this beautiful poncho. It will be great base to your outfit, when you you won’t have much time. It’s also a great gift idea.