Free Crochet Pattern

Bon Booties Free Knitting Pattern

You’ll knit these booties from the bottom to the top. 4 mm needle will be the best, because they will fit perfectly due to it. And above all, you can easily personalize these cuties to make several different pairs, for instance one to wear at home and other for a stroller walk.

Golden Orchids Free Knitting Pattern

This amazing golden orchid shawl is an elegant example of how delicate and feminine a knitted shawl can look like. It’s knitted from the center of the neck outwards. In addition to that, the finished size of this beautiful wrap is 160 cm (70 inches) x 58 cm (25 inches).

Traktorgenser Free Knitting Pattern

These cute lines look like nordic embellishments, but if you look a little closely, you’ll see, that in fact these are motorcycles! In other words, it’s a brilliant gift idea for a baby shower for both a little girl and boy. In addition, it’s so warm!

Newborn Booties Free Knitting Pattern

Every newborn and every toddler needs a nice, cosy and warm pair of kitted boots. You can easily adjust the size of them as the baby grows. You can even make a pair for yourself.  In other words, it’s really easy and fun, give it a try! I absolutely love these cuties!