Free Crochet Pattern

The Girlfriends Free Knitting Pattern

  • Designed by Ekaterina Popova

Wonderful girlfriends will bring joy to both adults and children. What’s more, they will decorate the interior of the children’s room and will be the best friends for your little princess, so it’s a great gift idea. In other words, the knitted Girlfriends toy looks really delicate and girly and I’m sure every girl will love them!

PHOTOS by Ekaterina Popova /

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Daisy The Little Pig Free Knitting Pattern

  • Designed by Ekaterina Popova

Do you know the Daisy? She’s a cute knitted little pig! Daisy The Little Pig will become a good friend for you and your child, because she loves hugs very much. What’s more, you can make a tiny scarf for her to keep her warm! I’m sure you will like this cute pink pig!

PHOTOS by Ekaterina Popova /

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Pretty Izzy Dolls Free Knitting Pattern

  • Designed by Esther Braithwaite

These lovely knitted toy Pretty Izzy Dolls look wonderful. Each one looks a little different, so you can make them look like your family member or friends! Isn’t that great? What’s more, you can also take a yellow and black yarn and create the right hair colors!

PHOTOS by Esther Braithwaite /

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Newborn Booties Free Knitting Pattern

  • Designed by Ashysc

Every newborn and every toddler needs a nice, cosy and warm pair of kitted boots. You can easily adjust the size of them as the baby grows. You can even make a pair for yourself.  In other words, it’s really easy and fun, give it a try! I absolutely love these cuties!

PHOTOS by Ashysc /
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Nordic style knitted sweaters for kids sunny colour

  • Designed by DROPS design

Forest Dance it’s not just a sweater, it’s a pretty and girlish tunic. Just choose warm tights and stunning outfit is ready. I’m sure in this Forest Dance tunic every girl will feel like a princess, despite the rain and snow! Just choose some vivid colour and start today!

Photo is by yarnytales /

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Traktorgenser Free Knitting Pattern

  • Designed by Sandnes Garn

These cute lines look like nordic embellishments, but if you look a little closely, you’ll see, that in fact these are motorcycles! In other words, it’s a brilliant gift idea for a baby shower for both a little girl and boy. In addition, it’s so warm!

Photo is by korsvik /

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